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Best Brands of Camping Tents

Best Brands of Camping Tents

by December 23, 2018 Travel & Guides

Buying a tent is an investment because a good tent will last for years. Here are some top brands.


Coleman is one of the leading manufacturers of camping supplies and gear including tents, camping stove, tables, chairs and utensils. The company offers a variety of tents. Coleman has tents that sleep 10 people and tents that sleep only two people. The dome style is one of Coleman’s popular options.

Best Brands of Camping Tents Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail tents are of good quality and are relatively inexpensive. The tents hold up well in rain. The tents can last for several years even with constant use.

Best Brands of Camping Tents


Eureka is best known for providing quality large tents. In the 1970s and 1980s the company was popular with schools, children’s clubs and other organizations. Some tents from that era are still in use. Since then the company has begun offering smaller camping tents for single families and providing tents for the U.S. military. Many of their tents fall into the mid-range of pricing. The company also has more affordable options for smaller groups.

Best Brands of Camping Tents

North Pole USA

North Pole USA manufactures tents under its own brand name and for store brands, as well. Northwest Territory tents, which are available at Wal-Mart are made by North Pole USA. Great-land tents, sold at Target and Field & Stream tents sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods also are manufactured by North Pole USA.