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Improving Posture to Improve Fitness of the Human Body

Improving Posture to Improve Fitness of the Human Body

by March 10, 2020 Health and Fitness

The human body is an amazing thing. It requires balance, flexibility, and stabilization in order to function optimally. These days, the work week extends beyond the regular 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. Sitting in cushy or exceptionally uncomfortable desk chairs means poorer posture, less time for exercise, more back pain, and tighter hamstrings. It can be difficult to recognize and to correct imbalance in the body, but when the problems are identified and measures are taken to fix them, the quality of one’s life and the ability to gain the most benefits from daily activity can be achieved.

Simple habits, big sabotage

An individuals simple habits may be sabotaging their ability to reap the many benefits of exercise. Sitting at work desks throughout the day, slouching in restaurant chairs, and lounging in front of the TV are only a few of the habits that prevent one from getting the most from exercise and daily activity. These simple, often unrecognized habits, change the mechanics of the body. Consequently, very standard, traditionally effective exercises may fail to deliver satisfactory results and may actually lead to increased pain or injury (Comana, 3).

Pay attention to posture

When posture is poor, activity levels sink, and days are spent sitting in office chairs, the joints in one’s body can break down. As a result, the individual’s mobility is increasingly limited and their potential for reaping benefits from exercise is compromised. Also, there is an increased risk of experiencing pain or injury. This is due to a disruption of the natural “kinetic chain” present in the body (Comana, 3). When the kinetic chain is disrupted it is likely that an individual will accommodate the imbalance during an exercise session (to avoid discomfort) rather than take steps to rectify it. Accommodating the imbalance during exercise and in daily life could lead to further imbalance or injury. The posture provided through the spine specialists helps ease your back pain and improve your quality of life. The recovery from the injury will be fast with the acceptance of the exercises. 

Correcting the problem

Correcting these disruptions means returning the body to its natural kinetic chain by way of regaining stability and mobility of the joints. Taking steps to correct poor posture will help one to get back on track. Poor posture is one way that we limit overall mobility, flexibility and stability throughout the body. Correcting posture may help return the body’s joints to a more desirable range of motion. Participating in basic or introductory yoga and Pilates classes can prove to be a great way to improve posture. It is recommended that one check with their physician if they are experiencing back pain or tightness and discomfort in any area of the body. A doctor may be able to recommend exercises or professionals who can help.