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Know And Experience How To Become More Powerful Sooner In Lords Mobile

Know And Experience How To Become More Powerful Sooner In Lords Mobile


Video game and the arena of games have changed a lot since the invention of computer and emergence of more and more powerful internet connections. Innovation in smart devices like mobile phones have accelerated this change procedure and now video games are something you never dreamt off.

They are more real than your imagination. The use of appropriate and standard quality animation, and 3D graphics are transforming the arena of new age games completely. Lords Mobile is one of those new age games which started their journey in the year 2016. You can play this game on desktops too. You can download the PC version from AFK website.

What is Might?

Lords mobile has a section of Might and you need to know what is this, because a beginner will understand the necessity of it within hours of playing the game. It is one of the important statistical aspects of the game and it has no impact on the superheroes is one important fact you should remember while playing the game. Literally, it shows how powerful you are, or you can become in this game.

How to value your might?

You can get to see your might points right at the bottom of your name that you can reach clicking the icon of yours at the top left. If you want to get into detail, then click the bars beside your name and you will reach a screen of statistics.

You need to scroll down to identify the might option there and you will get to see the different sections like quests, troops, buildings, resources, level and all. Your complete status of the might can be derived from the average of your entire status in the game. People continue to search lords mobile how to get might first to register more power on their profile.

How to increase power in Lords Mobile

Don’t bother that much with might points, it does not always reflect your winning percentage. You can gain might by quite a few means and they are-

  • Collecting and training troops is a factor providing you all the might. But you have to be careful as loosing troop is a part of the game, and if you start losing your troops, your might would also drop dramatically.
  • The most reliable and constructive path to gain might is concentrating on construction and upgradation of buildings. This earning is consistent and does not has any such risk.
  • Always concentrate and aim in completing the quest you have approached. This will enhance your received points table and your power in the game.
  • Research is a great part of this game. You need to research well about the enemy, their army, the way they are going to attack. Besides you must know the information of your army in-depth. This will help you to formulate strategies.
  • Levelling up is a part you cannot dare to miss. You are playing every time to reach upper level and earn more resources and reward for the army. So, you cannot compromise on that.

So, don’t just think again of lords mobile how to get might first, but also use these tricks to enjoy more power at your possession.