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The Best Heat Press Machines That You Can Buy Right Now

The Best Heat Press Machines That You Can Buy Right Now

by January 18, 2020 Appliances

There are many kinds of heat press machines that you can purchase. In this article, we will some of the best products that you can purchase this 2020. However, before we discuss our recommended products, let’s identify the features that you must look out for in a quality heat press. This is applicable for any kind of heat press machines, like rotary heat press, swing away, etc. Without further ado, let’s start:

Must have features of a rotary heat press machine

  1. Environment friendly printing

Before performing the sublimation transfer, the layout is required to be printed first, then the design will be imprinted and transferred to the textile using the heat press machine. Rotary heat press machine satisfies the environmentally friendly printing specifications. This is especially important if the city you are operating from have strict requirements when it comes to going green. A rotary heat press machine is not going to generate ecological pollution issues, which makes it better for requirement compliance and having morals about pollution.heat-press-machine3

  1. Laser built framework

A heat press that was built with laser is somewhat more resilient when compared with a heat press that was built using welding. A heat press machine that has been constructed by means of welding process comes with the possibility to have a hidden variance that could impact the equal distribution of heat, and can also make the machine more susceptible to breaking.

  1. Anti-Scald protection

Anti-Scald protection acts as the supplementary cover that gets rid of immediate exposure to warmth that could result in flash burns.

  1. Handle with foam grip 

A smooth handle grip will make sure that the heat press machine is convenient to use in long sessions.

  1. Totally protected wiring

Makes sure that the wires are completely protected and clear of infestation and pest bites.

  1. Complete circular swing movement

This makes it possible for the operator to move a complete 360 degrees in order to prevent primary exposure to heat.

  1. Strong foundation

Having a strong foundation will make sure that the heat press machine has the right stability and properly secured to its spot.

  1. Automatic operation

An automatic heat press machine will allow you to work on many cloths without having to repeat all of the procedures for each item. This will save you time, which can then be spent on improving your business.

  1. Good quality heat platen

This is certainly one of the important aspects of a heat press machine with regards to the ability to move an impression upon a shirt.

Prior to purchasing a new heat press machine, make sure to verify if the heating element is consistent when it comes to redirecting heat. You will have the ability to see this if you happen to be performing a demonstration of the brand new heat press. One of the ways to see this is by turning the heat press on and feeling the platen using your hands to sense the distribution of heat.

  1. Supplier assistance

Similar to various other equipment, you may need to get in touch with the technical staff of the supplier from time to time to assist you in resolving an issue that may appear throughout the lifespan of the heat press machine.

If the supplier features an efficient customer service, resolving issues is going to be easier to do. This is particularly valid if they are capable of reacting immediately to your questions, and can provide accurate solutions.

  1. Changeable force and pressure switches

If you intend to purchase heat presses featuring a clamshell form factor, make sure that the force control is effortlessly changeable and can assist you to manage the amount of pressure that is being applied to the shirt you are working on.

A number of heat presses come with knobs that are located on hard to reach location, which can quickly prove to be a nuisance especially if you are using them frequently.heat-press-machine1

Our recommended heat press machines

  1. MPress Heat Press Transfer Machine 

MPress Heat Press Transfer Machine is an entry level heat press sold by Heat Press Nation, which is catered for personal use. As such, they are easier to operate. They can be purchased in 5 different designs, with each having a different capacity. The heat press company features quality control as well as tech assistance, so you are guaranteed to receive support when buying this heat press.

  1. HPN Black Series Heat Press Machine 

Great for small operations & home business, the HPN Black Series Heat Press Machine is an upgrade from the basic heat press machines that are mentioned earlier in this article. It also features a small and sleek design, in addition to having quality of life features like a digital temperature control and digital automatic timer.

  1. The Cricut EasyPress 2

This heat press machine is perfect if you are only doing the printing for personal use. This product is easy to work with, can be easily transported, and it can be easily stashed as well. It has a maximum temperature of about 400°F, which will work for the majority of heat press applications that you might be required to do.

  1. ShareProfit Heat Presses For Multi Functional Transfer Sublimation Machine

This heat press may be newly released in the market, but it has quickly become popular among shirt printing businesses. This heat press features a versatile balancer with multiple springs, allows revolving up to 360 degrees with the swing away form factor, and can transfer images on nearly all garments.

  1. Fancierstudio Heat Transfer Press Machine

Featuring a heating system that prevents burns to the cloth, this heat press is an excellent choice for your business. It has a clamshell form factor and includes Teflon protection. Additionally, the controls are easily accessible on the top of the machine. Fancierstudio Heat Transfer Press Machine has a huge heating system for multiple production runs and supports as much as 750F temperature.