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Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows

Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows

by December 22, 2019 Beauty

Do you have thick eyebrows? Does it make you uncomfortable? Perhaps you can seriously consider laser hair removal eyebrows. “Glabella” is one of the most known laser hair removal method also popular as the “uni-brow”. Both sexes around the world suffer from unwanted and embarrassing eyebrow hair in the middle of the brow. Since it is such a small area, tweezing can be done that is if you have all the time to spend for such job. Eyebrow waxing can be done too but it would be too painful and it might make your skin red for a few hours after waxing. Laser hair removal is so far the best. Just make sure to use goggles for protection to avoid any possible harm to your eyes during the laser treatment. You can visit skin laser center by myethosspa to avail a quick consultation on this matter and decide how you would like to proceed.

Eyebrow laser hair removal is painless and is done in just 15 minutes. After treatment you expect a little redness of the skin surrounding the brow. It is like sunburn but it should subside in two to seven days. Laser hair removal in the eyebrow is quite safe and this procedure is approved by FDA and it has been use for more than ten years now and it had done years of testing too before it is out in the market. In short you can be assured that it is safe to use.

How does it work? When you go in for a laser treatment, the technician will put cream to your eyebrows to help cool the laser before it hits your skin which will help ease the burning or swelling which are natural effects that will usually disappear within three hours after treatment.

How much does it cost? The best thing with laser hair removal eyebrows is that they are quite cheap. The cost of such procedure ranges from $100 to $150 per session depends really on how thick your eyebrows are and the color of your skin and hair. But it won’t be done in one session only, you might go back for several sessions (about four or five sessions) until you are done and those eyebrow hair will no longer be a problem.

But there is one thing that you have to know about laser treatments, it is a common misconception that once you get the treatment you will never have to do it again. This is not the case in fact a laser treatment cannot be done in one session only thus you have to go back for several sessions until it is all done. Then once a year you have to undergo laser hair removal treatment again so that any new hair that appears can be removed. So make sure to know all the facts with eyebrow laser treatment before you undergo one so you know what to expect.