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One of village’s own named school chief

Not too long ago, Lynn Romero had the chance to work as an administrative intern at Raton High School.

Now Romero will serve as the superintendent in her own town of Maxwell.

Romero was named the new Maxwell School superintendent after a special meeting of the school board Thursday.

“She was the best-qualified candidate we had,” said Maxwell school board President Dustin Long. He added the board “took some time” considering other candidates. In addition, he said two candidates turned down the position when it was offered.

But Long said the board is happy to have Romero leading the district. “We’re certain she’s going to do a great job for us,” he said.

Romero has worked for the Raton school district the past three years, including her stint as an administrative intern in 2011-2012. That internship was made possible through the Land of Enchantment Teacher Partnership grant.

During her time in Raton, she served on the common core curriculum implementation team and has learned about the implementing of the new state-mandated teacher evaluation criteria. She is currently a history teacher at Raton Middle School.

Hence, Romero expects to be well prepared for the Maxwell superintendent position. She said she looks forward to continuing her involvement in those areas, “ particularly, in Maxwell, my home district, and continuing the good work they are already doing there.”

Romero admitted it will be tough to follow Chuck Harrison, who is retiring from the Maxwell position. Romero will start duties July 1 at an annual salary of $75,000.

“Dr. Harrison has left really big shoes to fill,” she said. “It’s a great group of teachers, a wonderful school and I am very honored to serve that population.”

Before coming to Raton schools, Romero taught for three years at Foothill High School in Albuquerque, an institution that is overseen by the state Children Youth and Families Department. She also worked for five years at the former New Mexico Boys’ School. Romero has lived in Colfax County since 1981 and in Maxwell since 1999.

She said the board “wants to keep Maxwell schools moving forward” as it transitions to the common core curriculum and implements the new teacher evaluations.

Southern Copper still eyeing Anglo American’s project in Peru

Southern Copper Corp said on Wednesday that it still hopes to buy a share in Anglo American’s $3.3 billion Quellaveco projects in Peru and that talks must now take place at the highest level.

Negotiations on a potential sale of part of Anglo American’s 81.9 percent ownership in Quellaveco fell apart in the past year because each company wanted a controlling stake, said Southern Copper’s Chief Executive Officer Oscar Gonzalez.

But talks restarted two months ago and Southern Copper is now offering to hold an equal share if it can operate Quellaveco, Gonzalez said.

Southern Copper already runs two mines and a refinery near Quellaveco in southern Peru.

“The proposal will be that each of us controls equal parts and that we (Southern Copper) operate the project because we’ve been in the area for 50 years or more,” Gonzalez told reporters on the sidelines of a mining conference in Lima.

Gonzalez said that he has spoken with Anglo American officials in London and Lima and that a deal will now have to be worked out between the president of Southern Copper’s parent company, Grupo Mexico, and Anglo American’s top executive.

Southern Copper and Anglo American are two of the world’s leading copper producers.

Mitsubishi Corp owns 18.1 percent of Quellaveco.

A lack of financing has held up Quellaveco, which is expected to produce 225,000 tonnes of copper per year.

Anglo American has already secured a key environmental permit and an agreement with local communities for the project.

“It’s the best option for them, for us and for the country, because Quellaveco has been without development for years,” said Gonzalez.

Anglo American’s country manager in Peru did not return phone calls seeking comment after regular working hours.

Anglo American told Reuters in April that it was considering exiting its 220,000-tonne per year Michiquillay project in Peru because of capital constraints.

Gonzalez said Michiquillay is also on the negotiating table, but he added that Southern Copper knows less about the project, which is in northern Peru.

The Peruvian government recently issued a key environmental permit for Southern Copper’s proposed $1.4 billion Tia Maria mine.

Gonzalez said Tia Maria will likely start production at the end of 2016. Construction on the 120,000-tonnes-per-year mine is scheduled to start at the end of this year.

Southern Copper will likely produce 830,000 tonnes of copper next year – 30,000 tonnes more than a May estimate – after producing around 672,000 tonnes this year, Gonzalez said.

Peru is the world’s third-biggest copper producer.

The Andean country’s output of the red metal is expected to rise 9 percent this year to around 1.5 million tonnes, according to the government.

Why Brand Marketers Need More Brand Ambassadors

A recent post touched on some findings from a survey done by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium, a social media tech firm which highlighted a major disconnect between consumers and CMOs when it comes to the expectations a consumer has for engaging with a brand via social media.

Today comes to another finding from that same survey that is quite frankly, chock full of very insightful nuggets of info.

This particular finding speaks directly to the power of suggestion and the power of peer pressure in many ways for it shows just how truly powerful a brand ambassador can be and how much influence these folks can carry with their friends.

This is a line right from the survey findings that is perfectly stated… “The more consumers engage in social media, the more they inspire each other to engage with new and different brands.”

Making one minor tweak to that line so it reads: “The more consumers engage in social media – and brands engage them, the more they inspire each other to engage with new and different brands.”

Those first two numbers alone should jump off the screen screaming to all marketers “We need more brand ambassadors!” The power of the people is clear, present and yes there is an element of danger for any brands that do not engage their fans, their customers, etc., are very much in danger of losing their loyalty to those brands who do engage them.

Now as to how to turn your fans into brand ambassadors and in turn start wielding that power they hold over their fellow consumers, there’s a fantastic article written by Todd Wasserman of Mashable appropriately titled How To Turn Fans Into Brand Ambassadors which I highly recommend. In his, article Todd provides five distinct ways to do this including offering the exclusive offers that are not available to “general public.”

But Wait, There’s More…

There are two other very telling statistics from the chart above: the last two.

“Marketers should be monitoring the 42 percent of consumers who use social media to share negative experiences with brands and products, as they are likely influencing the 32 percent who decide not to buy a product based on that negative feedback.”

That’s also directly from the findings and it is 100% spot on. While the percentages are not nearly as high as others they are significant nonetheless and brand marketers and product managers and any marketer with his or her hand in the social media pie for their particular company need to pay close attention to these negative reviews.

Back in August of this year was a post Why Marketers Need To Pay Attention To Online Reviews and the opening line to it said it all… “A new study shows that 80% of online customers change their mind about making a purchase after reading negative online reviews.”

In that same post there’s also a reference to the fact that the 80% figure was actually up over the year before where only 67% of respondents indicated negative reviews directly impacted their decision to buy or not and also highlighted is the fact that not surprisingly, 87% of consumers said a favorable review has confirmed their decision to go through with a purchase.

Who do you think is leaving those favorable reviews? Yes, your brand ambassadors! Or at the very least a good portion of them.

But as far as negative reviews go, fear not for in that same aforementioned post there are examples of why a negative review can actually be a good thing. And negative reviews can indeed be a good thing if handled properly.

Ok, brand marketers and product managers and CMOs and marketers of all ages…

What are you doing to get brand ambassadors?

How are you engaging them?

How are you rewarding them?

And how do you deal with a negative review?

Positive U.S. economic outlook rings bad news for gold

Spot gold price continued to track losses after Wednesday’s FOMC statement and positive GDP data out of the US on Thursday. The recent more optimistic outlook for the US economy is driving dollar strength and putting pressure on the precious metals as investors put up better risk appetite and stay away from the traditional safe-haven commodity.


On Thursday, data showed US GDP grew at a 3.5-percent pace in the third quarter, beating the 3.1-percent forecast and in line with recent optimistic assessment of the US economy by the Federal Reserve.

On Wednesday, The Fed announced the end of its monthly bond buying program and said that if “incoming information indicates faster progress toward the Committee’s employment and inflation objectives than the Committee now expects, then increases in the target range for the federal funds rate are likely to occur sooner than currently anticipated”.


“Consequently, the acknowledgement by the FOMC that inflation is likely to remain low in the near term, paired with a stronger USD after the FOMC statement, pressured gold…While the backdrop appears negative for gold, a break below $1,200 per ounce would likely stimulate physical demand, most notably from the emerging markets, we believe. Modest physical buying was already evident during the recent slide,” said HSBC Securities analyst James Steel.

Gold price traded today below the key $1,200 psychological level at the current $1,198.4. It slid one percent on Thursday to end the day at $1,200. The current price is the lowest in a month where the metal last hit a low of $1,183.20 on October

Silver joined in sliding wagon, free-falling to hit below $17 per ounce on Thursday. The metal slumped more than three percent to end Thursday at $16.51 while current trade see prices at $16.36 per ounce.


As with gold, the price slide had prompt attention from physical buyers who are taking to the industrial metal as a cheaper exposure to gold – GoldMoney’s Dealing Manager, Kelly-Ann Kearsey said the online bullion dealers’ customers were more upbeat about the industrial metal, “Whilst we’ve see net gold selling among our customers, we have concurrently seen net buying of silver. It’s not been everyone’s preference as on the main markets it’s lost fairly heavily, but it’s certainly caught the attention of some of our customers and kept silver’s trading with us in the positive.”

The PGMs have fallen in tandem with gold as well, with platinum dropping a percent on Thursday to end at $1,245 and current prices are now sitting at $1,239 per ounce. Palladium is lower as well, last trading at $777, a drop of $8 from yesterday’s $785.

Royal Gold bets on Macedonia mining’s future

Colorado’s Royal Gold (RGLD) decided to get in early with a US$175 million gold stream transaction on Euromax Resources’ (TSX-V: EOX) Ilovitza greenfield project, which, if all goes according to plan, will become Macedonia’s first modern gold mine.

In an interview with Mineweb Tuesday, Royal Gold Vice President of Operations William Zisch—who has worked on various international assignments developing mines for Newmont Mining and has been involved in due diligence for numerous projects in Royal Gold’s portfolio since 2009—noted that getting in early on a project gives Royal Gold the opportunity for more involvement in project development.

“Similar to many of Royal Gold’s principal properties, Ilovitza is a polymetallic [porphyry, copper and gold] deposit with attractive economics, a proven management team and strong local support,” said a Royal Gold News release issued Tuesday.Royal Gold bets

Ilovitza is located three kilometers east of the village of Ilovitza in the southeast of Macedonia, only 15 kilometers from the country’s border with Bulgaria.

The open pit project’s good infrastructure—which includes close proximity to a paved road to haul concentrate to the Petrich rail loading department and rail transportation directly to the Pirdop smelter in Bulgaria—met one of the criteria Royal Gold seeks in an investment, said Zisch. Access to power is also located close by.

“A good, solid resource base”, which thus far contains measured and indicated resources of 2.45 million ounces of gold and 905 million pounds of copper, was another important criteria for Royal Gold, Zisch noted, although a pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the project was only filed in July.

The PFS calls for average annual production of 95,000 gold ounces and 16,000 metric tons of copper at all-in costs of $334 per ounce over a 23-year mine life. Initial project capex is estimated at US$501 million.

Once in production, Euromax will deliver 25% of any gold produced from Ilovitza until 525,000 ounces have been delivered, when the percentage will be reduced to 12.5%. RGLD will pay 25% of spot price per ounce upon delivery.

Zisch also expressed confidence in Euromax’s “proven leadership team”, which includes four former top executives at European Goldfields, which was acquired by Eldorado Gold in 2012.

Meanwhile, Euromax has begun to recruit a team of Community Liaison Officers to expedite the stakeholder engagement and community liaison programs for the project. “The intention is for local people to have free access to the community office and communities team,” said Euromax. “This team will form the basis for the Community Relations group required during construction, operation and closure.”

In its presentations, Euromax claims the project enjoys “unprecedented local, national and international support,” which also appealed to Royal Gold, said Zisch. The project is “fully endorsed by [Macedonia’s] Prime Minister Gruevski and President Ivanov,” according to Euromax.

Ilovitza is the first greenfield development in the Balkans region of Europe in more than two decades. Macedonia is ranked 25th for doing business in the 2014 World Bank statistics. The Macedonian government is endorsing mining projects and “upgrading mining law to EU and consistency.”

Euromax said the country also offers “a straightforward and enlightened permitting process,” which has already allowed Euromax to have an “advanced project with permitting significantly progressed.”

Zisch said Royal Gold was also attracted to the geographic diversification of the project.

Royal Gold was especially enthusiastic about the staged gold stream transaction, which will be done in three tranches. “We like our ability to stage our investment”, Zisch explained, which permits Royal Gold to have certain conditions met during the progressive stages of the projects.

An initial tranche of $7.5 million will be due within 90 days from the signing of the streaming agreement with a second tranche of $7.5 million due on the first anniversary of the signing date. A third tranche of $160 million will be used toward the capital cost of the project.

Royal Gold bets

The first two tranches will be used to further project development, project permitting, and the completion of a definitive feasibility study and basic front end engineering study (FEED) planned for 2016.

If all goes according to plan, Ilovitza will commence production in 2018.

In a news release, Royal Gold CEO Tony Jensen said, “The Ilovitza represents a well-structured low-cost option on a long-life asset … Royal Gold is proud to assist in securing the financing necessary to significantly advance development and construction of this property.”

In a presentation to the Denver Gold Forum last September, Jenson said he much prefers growing the company asset by asset. Royal Gold is one of three players—including Silver Wheaton and Franco Nevada—which dominate the $25 billion royalty/streaming portion of the mining sector, which many junior and mid-tier mining companies are depending upon for capital in a tough financing environment.

Euromax Resources’ top management, who are based in London, did not respond to Mineweb’s request for comment Tuesday morning. In an announcement published Tuesday, Euromax CFO Varshan Gokool observed “the stream represents only 14% of our gold equivalent production and will satisfy 31% of our expected construction capital expenditure and further improve the Project IRR [investment rate of return].”

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to welcome Royal Gold as long-term partners at Ilovitza. We believe their commitment, which follows extensive technical, environmental and legal due diligence is a strong endorsement of the Ilovitza Project,” Sharpe said in the news release.

However, not everyone is thrilled with deal. Analyst Adam P. Graf of Cowen & Company said he is taking “a neutral position on the transaction, as a reasonable amount of development risk remains. The project has yet to undergo a Feasibility Study, then the construction.”

“The acquisition of the Euromax stream increases RGLD’s exposure to development projects,” said Graft in analysis published Tuesday. “Currently, the company’s portfolio is made up of ~72% producing assets and ~28% pre-production. Approximately 80% of our RGLD NAV is attributable to gold-based structures.”

Pakistan – One of the Oldest Civilizations

Mosques, mosaics, carpets, rugs, warfare, cricket and Islam. These are just a few words that describe Pakistan. And indeed, the country has a lot to offer. It’s one of the oldest civilizations; its mountains have a third of the highest peaks in the world; they’re the best carpet or rug manufacturers; the best military air pilots are Pakistani; and none the less, they have one of the most competitive cricket teams.PAKISTAN

But most of all, they have one of the most polite and respectful populations. Pakistanis are welcoming and friendly. They are very diplomatic and will sugarcoat their words, use euphemisms or be very ambiguous when they deliver bad news. Pakistanis love to talk and half of the conversations at the workplace consist of small talk. They serve tea at any place, as it’s a sign of hospitality. It doesn’t mean you’re supposed to drop formalities. A friendly Pakistani doesn’t necessarily mean a friend. They love jokes, but generally dislike sarcasm or offensive humor, so keep it simple and lighthearted.

Quite strangely, smoking is widely accepted, but drinking is not. Pay attention to religious celebrations and don’t disturb anybody during those days. Don’t comment on religion, petroleum or international conflicts. Eat as much as you can when you’re invited for dinner. Not only you’re showing your appreciation, but it’s also a bad sign when you cook large amounts of food and it goes to waste. Also, if you step over a child’s feet or any other part of its body, that kid won’t grow anymore. If you stay on the porch or near your house’s door during the evening, it invites bad spirits inside.


If you’re going strictly to visit, Karachi is a large sea port and famous for its textiles. The same goes with Lahore, known for its production of carpets, but also for being a city with a long history. The Pharwala Fort, Saidpur or the Lok Virsa Museum are popular tourist attractions in Islamabad. Mosques are a must-see at the end of Ramadan. Weddings are also rich in traditions.

Best Brands of Camping Tents

Buying a tent is an investment because a good tent will last for years. Here are some top brands.


Coleman is one of the leading manufacturers of camping supplies and gear including tents, camping stove, tables, chairs and utensils. The company offers a variety of tents. Coleman has tents that sleep 10 people and tents that sleep only two people. The dome style is one of Coleman’s popular options.

Best Brands of Camping Tents Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail tents are of good quality and are relatively inexpensive. The tents hold up well in rain. The tents can last for several years even with constant use.

Best Brands of Camping Tents


Eureka is best known for providing quality large tents. In the 1970s and 1980s the company was popular with schools, children’s clubs and other organizations. Some tents from that era are still in use. Since then the company has begun offering smaller camping tents for single families and providing tents for the U.S. military. Many of their tents fall into the mid-range of pricing. The company also has more affordable options for smaller groups.

Best Brands of Camping Tents

North Pole USA

North Pole USA manufactures tents under its own brand name and for store brands, as well. Northwest Territory tents, which are available at Wal-Mart are made by North Pole USA. Great-land tents, sold at Target and Field & Stream tents sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods also are manufactured by North Pole USA.

Brian Williams is Dragging NBC Down? What about MSNBC?

I read a story earlier today about Brian Williams, the NBC anchor who is now on a 6 month suspension and, most likely, will never return from it. Apparently, the brass at NBC is concerned Williams was tarnishing the new division.

What about MSNBC?Brian Williams

Every day people like Al Sharpton go onto the airwaves under the MSNBC banner and make themselves – and their owners – look like morons. Rachel Maddow. Chris Matthews. And endless stream of idiots.

MSNBC is a disgrace and with all of the time and attention spent on Brian Williams the elephant in the room is conveniently ignored.

Brian Williams

I simply can’t understand why the idiots at NBC would not want out, immediately, of their relationship with that news channel. Their ratings are in the crapper, their hosts are delusional, and they have screaming mad Liberal bias.

Regardless whether Williams is fired or returns, NBC is done being a trusted name. The only difference between what happened at NBC versus what is happening at MSNBC is one is being held accountable while the other is not.

Stay Healthy – 7 Germ Proofing Tips

Winter season brings many things. One of them are germs. Nasty little germs that spread infections, bacteria and viruses like forest fire.

My number one priority for me and my family is to stay healthy and flu free during the winter months. It seems like once the flu hits your house all you do is disinfect and disinfect. The flu doesn’t leave without a fight. To stay healthy at this point is a challenge.

Most of the time in my house the flu and other infections come from school. Many school age children have weaker immune systems during the winter months.

Stay Healthy – 7 Germ Proofing Tips Since 80% of the infections and viruses spread through touch it takes only couple kids not to wash and disinfect their hands properly and the whole class can be sick with the flu in just a few days.

Luckily, since most of the infections spread through touch we can take few simple steps to protect ourselves and our families from nasty germs and stay healthy all year round.

Stay healthy and germ free with these 7 simple steps:

  • Disinfect, Disinfect and Disinfect…..once a day wipe your counters, house phone, all remote controls (don’t forget gaming system controls), keyboards, door knobs and door handles. I like to use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Use Hand Sanitizers….to disinfect every time you don’t have soap and hot running water on hand. The best choices are alcohol based hand gels, but I put hand sanitizers into my kids backpacks so I also buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers that are safe for kids. The alcohol free disinfectants are also safe for my diabetic son. The alcohol based hand sanitizers used to give him wrong blood glucose readings.
  • Wash Your Shower Curtain….at least once a week depending on the amount of showers your family takes to get rid of the mold causing bacteria from the moisture.Stay Healthy – 7 Germ Proofing Tips
  • Keep Your Kitchen Clean…once a week disinfect and kill bacteria in your kitchen sink and garbage can by scrubbing it with diluted bleach. Don’t forget to disinfect your sponges, scrub your cutting boards, and clean microwave, fridge and dishwasher handles.
  • Spray Disinfectants….around your home. Every few days I walk around with Lysol or Clorex disinfectant spray and spray curtains, kids toys and stuffed animals, carpets, sofa and everything that gets touched or germs can easily land on.
  • Tissue Boxes…I have tissue boxes spread around the house so whoever needs them can use them easily and dispose of them immediately.
  • Teach and Live By Example….teach your children to wash their hands properly everywhere they go and often. Preach what you teach. It is the best way to stay healthy.

Stay healthy and germ free this flu season. Don’t forget that proper diet and exercise play also a big part of staying healthy.

Things to Do in January in Ohio

Ohio is home to the Great Lakes Science Center and the Roebling Suspension Bridge, but there’s more to this state than just great attractions. No matter when you make it here, Ohio has a lot to offer and January is no exception. Whether you want to enjoy nature or spend your time surrounded by luxury, Ohio has something for everybody during the first month of the year.

Things to Do in January in Ohio 1

Paint Valley Jamboree

The second Saturday of January, country and bluegrass lovers can make their way to Paxton Theater in Bainbridge to be part of the oldest music festival in the state. “No alcohol, no smoking, no drugs” is a commonly used slogan to promote this family-friendly festival, which last three hours starting at 7 p.m. The show does attract a mostly older crowd, but high-schoolers sometimes drop by as well, usually in groups, to enjoy the performances and the guitar solos.

Paint Valley Jamboree
125 E. Main Street
Bainbridge, OH 45612
(740) 634-3333

Things to Do in January in Ohio 1

Cleveland Boat and Waterfront Lifestyle Expo

Every year between January 16 and 25, boat lovers meet up in Cleveland for the country’s largest indoor boat festival, the Cleveland Boat and Waterfront Lifestyle Expo. Held at the Cleveland International Exposition (I-X) Center, it features more than 1,000 boats, new and used, most of which are for sale. There are also models of waterfront houses, educational shows for kids, boat parts and accessories, and a nautical flea market. There are also sailing tours, sunset cruises and the opportunity to win your own boat. A large indoor amusement park is also housed in the I-X Center, making it a great destination for the whole family.

I-X Center
6200 Riverside Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44135
(216) 676-6000Things to Do in January in Ohio 1

Winter Hike-Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is home to the Annual Winter Hike that has been a tradition for more than 60 years. What started as a 60-hiker walk on January 17, 1965, has turned into a major event that attracted more than 5,000 hikers in 2009. While pet and kid-friendly, this hike is more than 5 miles long, so skittish dogs and kids younger than 8 may have a hard time on the wintery roads. Patches of snow, rugged hillsides and caves are all part of the hike, and those who finish are rewarded with steamy bean soup and sassafras tea.

Hocking Hills State Park
State Route 664 in Hocking County
12 Miles South of Logan
(740) 385-6842