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How To Create Gifts With Memories For Your Loved Ones

Gifts are a perfect medium to surprise anyone and make them feel appreciated. It does not need to have a special day to give them one, for any day can be an excellent opportunity to provide them with a present. Of course, what we want for a gift is the one that will surely last and makes them reminded about you. May it be a special trinket that you made yourself, or an elaborate thing that you can afford. Any gift will surely make up their day. What is important is that your gift to them will preserve a lot of memory. And a memento of your love and appreciation for them.

Gifts That Will Last

First thing, we need to check first the quality of the gift that we would like to give. It should need to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time. And as well as giving them a great memory of you. It doesn’t need to be super heavy-duty to last. As long as it is made of durable material, surely it will be preserved in the mortal plane, as well as in their hearts.

Bringing Back Old Memories

The best part of a gift is that it invokes beautiful memories of the past long gone. Probably you will be thinking about photo albums. Or picture frames that can hold photos of golden memories. And yes, that is a viable option. Aside from those, you can also be creative, like quirky mugs with their pics on it. Or other things like jewelry boxes and other things that they usually use. Just take note that the item that you want to add pics on should be low profile and not too awkward to use.  (Like a tumbler with their pic, I mean, that will be awkward for them to use, right?)

A Chance Of A Lifetime

One aspect of gift giving is also choosing the best time on when to give the gift. You don’t want to provide the present if the person you are offering are experiencing the worst time of their lives, right? Timing is the key to not just set up the mood that you expect. But also to avoid any awkward situations. If you have picked the wrong time in giving your gift, they might not appreciate the real value of it. And may think of it as just one of the things you usually give. Delivering it on special occasions is the best time not only to set up their mood. But also for them to truly appreciate it. Time it on their birthdays, father’s day and mother’s day, anniversaries, valentines day or Christmas eve for a much better effect.

Making Children’s Childhood Memorable

Kids can be fussy sometimes when it comes to gifts, and they might have a high expectation on it. If in case you haven’t met that expectation, it will disappoint them. Thus, ruining the intention of the gift. Aside from the present based on their likes (especially toys), you can also bring them to an enjoyable place as well. You can bring them to an amusement park (like Disneyland if you have the funds) and spend time with them. There is no more precious thing for a kid than to spend time with their parents in a particular place where they can have lots of fun.


A gift is a staple of surprises and special occasions. And you can’t call one time “special” if there is no gift-giving involved. Just make sure to know first the likes of the receiver to maximize the emotional effect of the gift. Imagination is the limit for gifts, and there are tons of geschenkideen beste freundin, I tell you, and your imagination only limits it.

You Should Know These Things About Dating And Relationships Before Having A Partner

The main goal of dating is to end up in a relationship you’ve been dreaming of. But sometimes, dating and relationship are being intertwined with each other that can cause confusion and misunderstanding. It is necessary for two people dating to know the boundaries and limitations of dating. In addition, being mindful of the main differences between the two is also essential in having a successful transition from dating to officially having a relationship. So in this article, you’ll get to know the things that are necessary to be mindful of in dating and relationship.

Never Assume

This is one of the downfalls of dating. One should never pretend or assume that he or she is in a relationship unless officially decided and said by the two of you. Dating is far different from having a relationship. The main purpose of this stage is to get to know your partner. Thus, any assumption and expectation should be put aside.


This is an important factor whether in dating or officially in a relationship. First, you should never date two or more guys of girls at the same time. This is a major turn off for the person you’re having date with. Although the main goal of fating is to get to know someone, it should not be a venue for multiple datings and commitment. This should also apply more in relationship.

Space and Time

Although you are officially dating or even if you are in a relationship already, you should give yourself and your partner his or her personal time and space. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always together. Too much attention and time together is sometimes unhealthy. Always remember that having your personal time and space keeps you healthy and also makes a relationship more functional.


A lot of relationship fails because of the inconsistency of one of the partners. It is important that you keep on doing the thing you usually do from the very first stage of dating to the present moment that you are in a relationship.


Every relationship needs communication as an effective language of love and commitment. It is important that you communicate with your partner the things that have something to do with the two of you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to exchange social media accounts password or that the two of you have access to each other’s phones and emails. Sometimes talking with your partner about the things that you like and you don’t like really helps in having a successful relationship.

Embrace Your Partner’s friends and Family

Another important factor you should consider in dating or in a relationship is your partners circle of friends and family members. It is necessary that you also get to know them and get along with them cause just like you, they are also important to your partner. You can jive into their interests and hobbies so you’ll have the chance to get to know them more.

Seek Advice

Don’t just assess yourself, your relationship and your partner all by yourself. Sometimes you also need to consult or seek advice from other people’s perspective and opinion. If you have problems and misunderstanding with your partner, it is not ideal to only follow what you believe in. You need to see the situation on a larger scope. In addition, you can also seek advice online like shallononline which is an online dating consultant. Decision making has never been this easy.

In general, being in a relationship or dating someone is never an easy thing. There are times that you have to deal with some changes with your partner. That is why it is recommended that you are knowledgeable and mindful of the necessary things you need to know for you to get along with your partner and to have a successful and healthy relationship. Most importantly, dating and relationship should not be interchangeably understood. You should set boundaries and limitations between these two things are they are entirely different. It also helps you and your partner to have respect to the things that you believe in and to your being as an individual.

Unique Trick To Cut Straight With The Circular Saw

If you engage with any construction field, then you must understand the importance of the circular saw. Basically, these kinds of things are used by workers on the construction sites in order to cut the things. The machine is always the same, but they just change the blade of the circular saw in order to cut different material. Therefore, when it comes to cut straight, then users need to find out the best metal cutting saw. No doubt, you will find out the best, and mind-blowing products of Circular saw at different online sources, but not every product would be best for you.

Not only this, there are some people who need to cut  the boards and another metal sheet straight, so they have to face lots of issues regarding the use of the Circular saw. Therefore, they never trust on any other thing and try to use their old tricks. Basically, we need first to use the ruler along with the long scale. Simply mark the area that you want to cut from the sheet and then start the machine in order to get a proper cut. When the Circular saw touch with the ruler and cut the sheet, then it will give you perfect finishing, but make sure you should put the correct mark.

How to cut the board straightly with a circular saw?

It would prove quite complicated for you to understand the performance of the circular saw. Even when it comes to cut the board of wooden straightly, then people face many issues. If you are one of these people, then don’t worry about because now you can check out all these points those will tell you the best way to cut the sheet perfectly-

  • Let me start from the circular saw use so you should check out the blade should be new.
  • After that, simply take the nail and board where you want to make the cut.
  • Put the nail on the top of the corner of the board which you are going to cut.
  • Basically, you will get small support in order to cut the cut the board perfectly.
  • This would be the best and effective option for you that you can easily choose this option.
  • Not only this, you should use the ruler for making an accurate cut on the board.

Once you set everything, and then simply use the cutter in order to cut the board. As a result, you will get a perfect and mind-blowing shape that you desired. Due to this, you can easily make everything possible. It is just about the measurement, and if you set the measurements perfectly then, it is possible to get a perfect cut. However, the most important thing which you should check out before buying the circular saw is reviews. Check out the reviews at different online sources in order to choose the best thing for making different cuts. These reviews prove really supportive in the process of finding best saw for work.

Scrutinize the saw properly

Before using the saw, you should first check out its performance by quick safety check. Make sure, the lower blade of the saw has guard retracts perfectly and snaps back when it gets released. Don’t forget to inspect the chipped. In addition to this, there are some people who are using the old blade while cutting the wood or metal with the saw, so it may affect the performance. Therefore, if you find the broken teeth of the saw, then you should replace the blade and choose the correct option for you. This would be the best option for you and you easily take its advantages.

In addition to this, users of the saw should always pay attention to the blade because if it is damaged, then it may become a threat for you. It may get broke and cut your face so you should be alert while using it. For the cracks then you should check out the power cord as well as if you use the cordless saw then check out the batter of it and it should be charge perfectly. Otherwise, it may get stop during its use so it may affect the performance of the saw during its use. Therefore, all these things will prove really helpful for you to suet he saw.

Final words

Don’t forget to use the protection while using the metal cutting saw because it is a matter of work so you should not take the risk with your life. It is possible to face an accident while using the saw so you should simply take advantage of it. Nevertheless, you should check out the price of this specific machine at different online sources and find out the best one for making straight cuts. Therefore, this would be best and supportive of you.

Perfect Ways That Can Lead You To Install Artificial Grass Like An Expert

No matter how much or less you want to spend for having the best experience with artificial grass but you have to think about the ideal installation procedure. The DIY methods of installing the artificial grass can work but again you have to become much more familiar with the basics of installation procedure. You can make full use of the internet to have the needed details about this same process without thinking twice. The following paragraphs of this same content can also help you to be familiar with some unique ideas of installing the artificial grass in your yards. You will understand that it not that much hard to install the artificial grass.

Collect quality of artificial grass

First of all, you will have to buy some high-quality artificial grass from either online shops or from the regional market shops.

Have needed installation tools

You have to install artificial grass like a professional so that you can get the desired amount of benefits in the end.  After buying the artificial grass from market now, you will have to make sure that you have the needed installation or artificial grass installation tools while you are all set to install artificial grass.

Watch some videos to earn practical skills

In order to get or have some practical artificial grass installation skills, the idea of watching some online videos can really pay more and more for you. You should watch some online videos to earn the practical skills of artificial grass installation.

Take some suggestions from your loved ones

You should also take some valuable suggestions from the experts and loved ones who know much more about this same installing procedure. They can help you to make this simple task look easy and simple.

Measure the size of surface

It is also vital for you to measure out the size of the surface where you are going to install the artificial grass. According to the length and height of the surface, you can buy and install the artificial grass within some really quick time.

Start installing the artificial grass smoothly

One should never try to install the artificial grass firmly as it can let the artificial grass to start exposing. In short, instead of installing artificial grass firmly, you will have to install artificial grass smoothly and follow the steps. Next, you can lay down the artificial grass and start pinning it from each and every corner.

Don’t let any empty space in artificial grass while installing

This is yet another awesome idea for you to install artificial grass professionally. It is also vital for you to don’t let any empty space in the artificial grass while you are installing it. This simple idea can assist you to install the artificial grass in some easy ways.

These upper listed ideas and suggestions can truly help you when you are looking around to install the artificial grass like professionals. Hence, take the needed time and have the desired amount of benefits right now.

Here Is About Hair Clippers And The Way To Use Those

Hair styling and cutting is a need today. You have to stay groomed all the time. The ones who have really small hair often face a problem with hair cutting using the help of a scissor or so. Hence, a specialized implement has been made to cut such hair and is called as hair clipper. It works on the exact same principle on which the scissors work but is still very different from both scissors and razors too. Hair clippers provide heavy duty work and are much more easy to use. It works mechanically and runs on batteries which are needed to be charged on a regular interval of time before its use on the hair.

It is slightly different than hair trimmers. There are many good or we can say, the best cordless hair trimmer available in the market but people usually prefer hair clippers over it. Before choosing one, you should first consider learning about the motor whether it is rotary, magnetic or pivot, the blades which need to be strong and sharp for an effective trim, the accessories which are provided with it such as blade guards, whether it comes with a cord or is cordless, and how you are planning to apply it to use.

How to use hair clippers

Step 1: Choose the right blade for your desired hair cut. The smaller blades in length are used for a shorter cut while as we increase the length of the blades, the longer the cut gets. This says that the length of the blade determines the amount of hair to be cut.

Step 2: Prep your hair with a soothing hair washes with shampoo which will help to lose any kinds of knots in the hair. There is no worry about what hair the clipper should be used. It can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Step 3: Cover your shoulders and expose the only area on which you are going to work on. Normally, the fabric doesn’t let the hair stick to your body or clothes as it covers you. The hair just falls on the floor.

Step 4: Insert the blade on the clipper and switch it on.

Step 5: Move the powered on the clipper against the growth of your hair. Scoop the hair when you are reaching the end of the chosen length of the hair which is being buzzed. Also, it is best to blend two blade guards in between different buzzing lengths. And finally clean up the edges around the ears, back and forehead.

Caring for hair clippers is a must. Make sure to wash and clean up the blades after every use. Charge the machine for enough time before the use. You can try on many different styles of haircuts using one hair clipper only. Only the use of different blades should be kept in mind and used accordingly for the desired hairstyle. There is clearly no hassle while using it. You just have to be calm and clear about your cut.

Things To Know About Web Design

Almost every person wants to have a business website for getting more traffic from the people. The traffic of people is beneficial for business improvement. If you want to have business benefits at that time, it is good to choose online services or internet services. The internet services are used for websites that give worldwide benefits. You can connect with your clients directly with the help of the website. The individuals are making websites for giving the services to the people, and they need to choose mobile applications also that can enhance the web page speed.

With the high speed of the web page loading, you can get more benefits for the services and business. A person should choose professional web design services for getting advantages.

  • Know about responsive web design

There are many people those are taking the services of the web development for getting the benefits in the business. The mobile devices are common these days, and many of the internet users are using the mobile phone for connecting with the services. In the mobile phone you there is a problem with the websites. The individuals are getting issues with the mobile because of computer websites. There is a higher pressure with web development, and you need to adjust for the mobile browsing also.

The individuals need to adjust according to the mobile platforms also for giving the speed facilities with their web page. You can give the services according to the trend and choose the professional web design services for the improvement in the website and take the mobile benefits for giving the content.

  • Look of responsive website

The technology has provided various benefits with the devices and gadgets. There are different kinds of mobile phone and computers that are giving the size options. The individuals are buying mobile phone and computers in different sizes, and they use the internet also. A business person should cover the complete market with more traffic. Now, if you want to get more traffic of the individuals at that time, it is important to look for a responsive website. With the help of a responsive website you can have many benefits including the mobile applications and website options.

With the help of mobile applications, you can give more opportunities and services to the people. To better customer support, you need to choose the professional web design services.

  • Advantages of responsive websites

There are many companies for making websites and web designs. You can hire a company for giving benefits to your business, and there are many benefits with responsive websites. The benefits are important to know and given below.

  • Save efforts
  • Time-saving
  • Get updated version
  • Have good content
  • Mobile applications
  • Simple projects


Finally, you have understood the benefits of the responsive website. Now, for the responsive website and mobile application you can choose professional web design services and get business benefits by providing the quality to your customers. So, business persons can take help of the websites without any problems.

One of village’s own named school chief

Not too long ago, Lynn Romero had the chance to work as an administrative intern at Raton High School.

Now Romero will serve as the superintendent in her own town of Maxwell.

Romero was named the new Maxwell School superintendent after a special meeting of the school board Thursday.

“She was the best-qualified candidate we had,” said Maxwell school board President Dustin Long. He added the board “took some time” considering other candidates. In addition, he said two candidates turned down the position when it was offered.

But Long said the board is happy to have Romero leading the district. “We’re certain she’s going to do a great job for us,” he said.

Romero has worked for the Raton school district the past three years, including her stint as an administrative intern in 2011-2012. That internship was made possible through the Land of Enchantment Teacher Partnership grant.

During her time in Raton, she served on the common core curriculum implementation team and has learned about the implementing of the new state-mandated teacher evaluation criteria. She is currently a history teacher at Raton Middle School.

Hence, Romero expects to be well prepared for the Maxwell superintendent position. She said she looks forward to continuing her involvement in those areas, “ particularly, in Maxwell, my home district, and continuing the good work they are already doing there.”

Romero admitted it will be tough to follow Chuck Harrison, who is retiring from the Maxwell position. Romero will start duties July 1 at an annual salary of $75,000.

“Dr. Harrison has left really big shoes to fill,” she said. “It’s a great group of teachers, a wonderful school and I am very honored to serve that population.”

Before coming to Raton schools, Romero taught for three years at Foothill High School in Albuquerque, an institution that is overseen by the state Children Youth and Families Department. She also worked for five years at the former New Mexico Boys’ School. Romero has lived in Colfax County since 1981 and in Maxwell since 1999.

She said the board “wants to keep Maxwell schools moving forward” as it transitions to the common core curriculum and implements the new teacher evaluations.

Southern Copper still eyeing Anglo American’s project in Peru

Southern Copper Corp said on Wednesday that it still hopes to buy a share in Anglo American’s $3.3 billion Quellaveco projects in Peru and that talks must now take place at the highest level.

Negotiations on a potential sale of part of Anglo American’s 81.9 percent ownership in Quellaveco fell apart in the past year because each company wanted a controlling stake, said Southern Copper’s Chief Executive Officer Oscar Gonzalez.

But talks restarted two months ago and Southern Copper is now offering to hold an equal share if it can operate Quellaveco, Gonzalez said.

Southern Copper already runs two mines and a refinery near Quellaveco in southern Peru.

“The proposal will be that each of us controls equal parts and that we (Southern Copper) operate the project because we’ve been in the area for 50 years or more,” Gonzalez told reporters on the sidelines of a mining conference in Lima.

Gonzalez said that he has spoken with Anglo American officials in London and Lima and that a deal will now have to be worked out between the president of Southern Copper’s parent company, Grupo Mexico, and Anglo American’s top executive.

Southern Copper and Anglo American are two of the world’s leading copper producers.

Mitsubishi Corp owns 18.1 percent of Quellaveco.

A lack of financing has held up Quellaveco, which is expected to produce 225,000 tonnes of copper per year.

Anglo American has already secured a key environmental permit and an agreement with local communities for the project.

“It’s the best option for them, for us and for the country, because Quellaveco has been without development for years,” said Gonzalez.

Anglo American’s country manager in Peru did not return phone calls seeking comment after regular working hours.

Anglo American told Reuters in April that it was considering exiting its 220,000-tonne per year Michiquillay project in Peru because of capital constraints.

Gonzalez said Michiquillay is also on the negotiating table, but he added that Southern Copper knows less about the project, which is in northern Peru.

The Peruvian government recently issued a key environmental permit for Southern Copper’s proposed $1.4 billion Tia Maria mine.

Gonzalez said Tia Maria will likely start production at the end of 2016. Construction on the 120,000-tonnes-per-year mine is scheduled to start at the end of this year.

Southern Copper will likely produce 830,000 tonnes of copper next year – 30,000 tonnes more than a May estimate – after producing around 672,000 tonnes this year, Gonzalez said.

Peru is the world’s third-biggest copper producer.

The Andean country’s output of the red metal is expected to rise 9 percent this year to around 1.5 million tonnes, according to the government.

Why Brand Marketers Need More Brand Ambassadors

A recent post touched on some findings from a survey done by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium, a social media tech firm which highlighted a major disconnect between consumers and CMOs when it comes to the expectations a consumer has for engaging with a brand via social media.

Today comes to another finding from that same survey that is quite frankly, chock full of very insightful nuggets of info.

This particular finding speaks directly to the power of suggestion and the power of peer pressure in many ways for it shows just how truly powerful a brand ambassador can be and how much influence these folks can carry with their friends.

This is a line right from the survey findings that is perfectly stated… “The more consumers engage in social media, the more they inspire each other to engage with new and different brands.”

Making one minor tweak to that line so it reads: “The more consumers engage in social media – and brands engage them, the more they inspire each other to engage with new and different brands.”

Those first two numbers alone should jump off the screen screaming to all marketers “We need more brand ambassadors!” The power of the people is clear, present and yes there is an element of danger for any brands that do not engage their fans, their customers, etc., are very much in danger of losing their loyalty to those brands who do engage them.

Now as to how to turn your fans into brand ambassadors and in turn start wielding that power they hold over their fellow consumers, there’s a fantastic article written by Todd Wasserman of Mashable appropriately titled How To Turn Fans Into Brand Ambassadors which I highly recommend. In his, article Todd provides five distinct ways to do this including offering the exclusive offers that are not available to “general public.”

But Wait, There’s More…

There are two other very telling statistics from the chart above: the last two.

“Marketers should be monitoring the 42 percent of consumers who use social media to share negative experiences with brands and products, as they are likely influencing the 32 percent who decide not to buy a product based on that negative feedback.”

That’s also directly from the findings and it is 100% spot on. While the percentages are not nearly as high as others they are significant nonetheless and brand marketers and product managers and any marketer with his or her hand in the social media pie for their particular company need to pay close attention to these negative reviews.

Back in August of this year was a post Why Marketers Need To Pay Attention To Online Reviews and the opening line to it said it all… “A new study shows that 80% of online customers change their mind about making a purchase after reading negative online reviews.”

In that same post there’s also a reference to the fact that the 80% figure was actually up over the year before where only 67% of respondents indicated negative reviews directly impacted their decision to buy or not and also highlighted is the fact that not surprisingly, 87% of consumers said a favorable review has confirmed their decision to go through with a purchase.

Who do you think is leaving those favorable reviews? Yes, your brand ambassadors! Or at the very least a good portion of them.

But as far as negative reviews go, fear not for in that same aforementioned post there are examples of why a negative review can actually be a good thing. And negative reviews can indeed be a good thing if handled properly.

Ok, brand marketers and product managers and CMOs and marketers of all ages…

What are you doing to get brand ambassadors?

How are you engaging them?

How are you rewarding them?

And how do you deal with a negative review?

Positive U.S. economic outlook rings bad news for gold

Spot gold price continued to track losses after Wednesday’s FOMC statement and positive GDP data out of the US on Thursday. The recent more optimistic outlook for the US economy is driving dollar strength and putting pressure on the precious metals as investors put up better risk appetite and stay away from the traditional safe-haven commodity.


On Thursday, data showed US GDP grew at a 3.5-percent pace in the third quarter, beating the 3.1-percent forecast and in line with recent optimistic assessment of the US economy by the Federal Reserve.

On Wednesday, The Fed announced the end of its monthly bond buying program and said that if “incoming information indicates faster progress toward the Committee’s employment and inflation objectives than the Committee now expects, then increases in the target range for the federal funds rate are likely to occur sooner than currently anticipated”.


“Consequently, the acknowledgement by the FOMC that inflation is likely to remain low in the near term, paired with a stronger USD after the FOMC statement, pressured gold…While the backdrop appears negative for gold, a break below $1,200 per ounce would likely stimulate physical demand, most notably from the emerging markets, we believe. Modest physical buying was already evident during the recent slide,” said HSBC Securities analyst James Steel.

Gold price traded today below the key $1,200 psychological level at the current $1,198.4. It slid one percent on Thursday to end the day at $1,200. The current price is the lowest in a month where the metal last hit a low of $1,183.20 on October

Silver joined in sliding wagon, free-falling to hit below $17 per ounce on Thursday. The metal slumped more than three percent to end Thursday at $16.51 while current trade see prices at $16.36 per ounce.


As with gold, the price slide had prompt attention from physical buyers who are taking to the industrial metal as a cheaper exposure to gold – GoldMoney’s Dealing Manager, Kelly-Ann Kearsey said the online bullion dealers’ customers were more upbeat about the industrial metal, “Whilst we’ve see net gold selling among our customers, we have concurrently seen net buying of silver. It’s not been everyone’s preference as on the main markets it’s lost fairly heavily, but it’s certainly caught the attention of some of our customers and kept silver’s trading with us in the positive.”

The PGMs have fallen in tandem with gold as well, with platinum dropping a percent on Thursday to end at $1,245 and current prices are now sitting at $1,239 per ounce. Palladium is lower as well, last trading at $777, a drop of $8 from yesterday’s $785.