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6 Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Care Of Your Pet Chinchilla

As you get yourself a Chinchilla as a pet. There are several things that you should learn about your furry little friend in order to take proper care of your pet Chinchilla. As you get your chinchilla a place to stay it is now time for you to take proper care of your pet. Here are the 6 important things that you should know about Chinchilla as a pet owner. 

  • Chinchillas are really skittish rodents and it will take them some time before they can get accustomed to humans. This is why as you get yourself a Chinchilla, make sure that you give your pet proper time to adjust to the new environment.

If you have kids at your house it is recommended that you avoid getting a Chinchilla unless your kids are capable of handling your pet on their own. As they might touch or handle your pet inappropriately and it might bite them in this process. 

  • It is really important that you know that Chinchilla takes time before they get comfortable around other Chinchilla or humans. So if you are planning on getting more than one Chinchilla, it is advised that you introduce them to each other at a young age so that they can get along with each other in a much better and effective way. Moreover, if you are not ready to take care of Chinchilla babies, you should put two Chinchillas of the opposite sex in the same cage. 
  • Since Chinchillas are nocturnal animals you might get disturbed by the noises they make during the night. So if you are a light sleeper you should definitely avoid getting Chinchilla as your pet. Moreover, you will find that they are mostly active during dusk and at dawn so make sure that you are fully prepared before you get yourself a Chinchilla. 
  • Chinchillas are active animals that need a lot of space. This is why you need to get your pet Chinchilla a cage that is spacious so they can move around comfortably. It is also advised that you place toys and interesting items in the cage so they can play around as well. 
  • It is also vital that you keep the cage well ventilated so that they get fresh and dry air throughout the day. Also, it is important that you know that if you keep your Chinchilla in humid temperature they can get fungal infections as well. Considering all this, it is really important that keep your Chinchilla in an airconditioned room so that they get cool and dry air that suits them well. 
  • Chinchillas are finicky eaters which is why you should try to use food pellets, hay, and dry treats as that way they will not get gastrointestinal problems. This is why it is really important that you choose a proper diet plan for your pet. Overfeeding is not an option as that can upset their stomach. 

  • Lastly, your furry little friend needs a lot of love from you so make sure that you pay proper attention to your pet Chinchilla and give them proper care and attention so that they can bond with you. 

These are the 6 most important things that you should know about pet Chinchillas as a caring pet owner. 


Why Switch to Metro Ethernet?

Still, using dialup? What, do you just really love that nostalgic dial-up sound? You know, when the modem goes “Squeak! Squawk! Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot. Brrrrr!” Unless you really have a thing for that crazy sound, then there’s really no excuse to still be using stone age internet. This is the era of high-speed internet, where you have internet download manager serial number, downloading albums in seconds flat, watching streaming videos, and so on. Consider making the switch to metro ethernet.

Here’s why ethernet is the hottest thing since sliced bread.

It’s Faster than the Speed of Sound

It’s faster than the speed of sound, not to mention faster than the speed of dial-up internet. If you’re still using that slow old modem, it really is time to make the switch. You’ll be absolutely shocked at how fast the web can be if you’re still using that old thing. You really can download entire movies in just an hour or so, you can download Youtube videos in seconds flat, and you can load web pages in the time it takes to click the link.

It’s Just About the Most Reliable Service, Period

Cable has a lot of spikes in terms of lag and downtime. The satellite will go down every single time a rain cloud drifts over your roof. Dial-up… Don’t get us started. If you want to do high-speed online gaming (and we’re not talking about playing DOOM deathmatches here), if you want to enjoy everything the internet has to offer on your own time, not its, then switch to the ethernet.

It’s the Best for Wireless

Ethernet can bring information into your modem faster than the router can send it to your computer, this is why it’s perfect for setting up with a wireless router. With wireless, you can get that information and data onto your laptop or PC just as fast as it can be delivered to your home.

It’s Pretty Easy to Set Up

The cable can be somewhat confusing, not to mention you may wind up having to splice it and share it with your TV. Satellite internet, until recently, actually required you to hold an FCC license as it’s technically a form of broadcasting. If you can set up dial-up internet, ethernet is the same thing, just tens of times as fast. You plug it into the modem, you plug the modem into the router, you set the router up to your computer, and you’re good to go. It really is as simple as all that.

Look, it’s not 1998 anymore. Matchbox 20 hasn’t released a good album in over a decade, flannel shirts are out of style, and nobody’s using AOL 2.0 for all their internet needs anymore. If you’re tired of waiting all day for your email to load, if you want to stop using stone age internet, then stop waiting and start using ethernet today.

Fantasy Epics I’d like to See as Movies

The smash success of The Lord of the Ring and Narnia as films has created a market for high fantasy to be translated onto the silver screen. Everyone has their favorites. Here are mine.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien – It would seem to be a given that with Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Tolkien’s epic trilogy, that the prequel novel Tolkien wrote, a children’s story about how the hobbit Bilbo came by the One Ring to start with, would be a no brainer. Peter Jackson would once again write and direct. Ian Holm would reprise his role as Bilbo Baggins. Ian McKellen would return as Gandalf the wizard. There would be dwarves, elves, heroic humans, and one big, scary dragon. The use of the elvish word for friend will be beneficial for the audience. A market of fantasy will be created through the poet for the engagement of the audience. 

Unfortunately the project, which is under development, is mired in legal wrangling. There is some doubt that Peter Jackson will even be involved in the project.

Magician by Raymond Feist – Magician is the first of a long series known as the Riftwar. The story concerns a young man named Pug who becomes a mighty magician in a pseudo medieval land. Several elements make the story work better than most of this kind. First, the crisis concerns the invasion of an army of a race of pseudo Asians from a parallel universe. Second, is Feist’s excellent writing and story telling skills. Finally, the characters are fun and well drawn. There are battle scenes, palace intrigue, and roman galore.

The Belgariad by David Eddings – The Belgariad is a five book series concerning the adventures of one Garion, a country boy with a great destiny in the coming fight against evil. The Belgariad is different in many ways from other is in genre in that it isn’t based on the whole human/dwarf/elf infrastructure, it has a much more sophisticated political system, it had a different and unique form of magic, and finally the quest is more interesting. The story is well told and the characters (including a thief/spy named-I kid you not-Silk) are entertaining. If making the Lord of the Rings meant doing three films at the same time, this project would mean making five. But that would surely make for a greater revenue stream.

The Palace by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro – The Palace is the second in Yarbro’s series about the inmortal vampire, St. Germain. I find it a better written story than the first book, Hotel Transylvania, and in an era, the Italian Renascence, that is not only more interesting but under used in film. St. Germain is living in late 15th Century Florence of Lorenzo di Medici where he finds romance with two very different ladies and peril at the hands of the fanatical friar Savonarola. There’s lots of historical detail and, unique among fictional vampires, St. Germain is rather moral and attractive person.

A Midsummer Tempest by Poul Anderson – The premise of this novel is that everything in Shakespeare’s plays are literally true. It’s set in a different England during a different English Civil War with one Prince Rupert of the Rhine as the hero. There are 16th Century steam locomotives, locales and characters from a Midsummer’s Nights Dream and the Tempest, and a cameo by King Arthur and his knights as Prince Rupert goes on a quest to find a way to stop the triumph of Cromwell and the Roundheads.

Let’s Know The Difference Between A Band Saw And A Scroll Saw!

No doubt, the different types of saws are out there, but all of them are not the same. When you search online to buy a saw, then you can get a list of various saws to choose from. Before going to pick the one, you need to determine your needs and pay attention to some crucial factors. You may have noticed that the scroll saws and band saws are more common these days. At first glance, both of these saws look similar. 

It is important to understand everything related to the scroll saws and band saws for making your final choices. Know the features and other details of these two different saws and then take your steps forward. Most of the buyers are still confused about whether they should buy a band saw or scroll saw. If you are also facing the same problem, then you need to take care of some essential things. Both of the saws have a work table as well as a blade that is located in the middle of the machine. 

The band saw, and scroll saw has a lot of differences that you need to keep in mind before going to make purchases. With the help of knowing the differences, you can buy the right type of saw to meet your requirements.  Keep reading this post to know all about the band saw and scroll saw. 

What is a band saw? 

The band saw is one of the common saws that look similar to the scroll saw. This saw is more powerful than the scroll saw. And that’s why you are able to cut metal, but it is mainly used for woodworking. It is open to the front and rear, so you can also use a long wood object for it. Whenever you put an object on the table, then you should always try to keep a space between the object and the blade. 

The band saw is compact in size, which makes it more demanding among the contractors with the small workplace. This saw is versatile that allows you to make use of the different types of blades without hassles. If you want to cut metal, then you should use the strong blades, whereas the use of small blades can be used for detailed work. 

What is scroll saw? 

The scroll saw is also gaining popularity due to its small blades. Well, this saw is operated by electricity that allows controlling the speed of the moving blades. You just need to press the pedals for controlling the blades. Most of the people find it challenging at the beginning, but later they can master the skills by using it regularly. 

While buying this saw from the market or online, you should pay attention to the throat size. It is a crucial factor that should be considered during the selection process. Make sure the blades are six inches long and able to cut the thick materials. While using this saw, you can change its blades with ease. It also makes it an ideal option for buyers. 

Let’s know the difference 

Once you have checked the details related to scroll saw and the band saw, you should pick the one as per your needs. Before making your final decision, it becomes important to know that how the band saw is different from the scroll saw. If you want to check out all the differences, then you should read the points which have been mentioned below. 


  • The main difference between these two is the blade. The blades of band saws are bigger, whereas the scroll saws have small-sized blades. The bigger blades are flexible, but the small blades are thin. With the help of knowing this difference, you may easily pick the right saw in order to cater to your needs. 
  • If you are working on a small project, then you should purchase the scroll saws. On the other hand, the band saws are beneficial to handle large projects. It is also the main factor which makes these saws different from each other. Always notice this essential point and then choose the right saw to make purchases. 
  • The scroll saws are useful for the detail as well as designing work. With the help of a band saw, you can’t handle these tasks. The band saws are only useful to handle the big projects where you need to cut the big wood. This saw also works better for cutting metal, but people consider it for woodworking projects. 


After knowing all these differences, you can easily decide to buy the right type of saw to handle your projects. Remember all these points while making your decision to avoid mistakes. A bad choice may lead to several problems in the future, and that’s why you should make your decision smartly. 

What should I buy? 

If you are willing to buy a saw, then you may face some issues during the selection process. After knowing the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw, you can easily pick the one. Buyers should always understand the purposes of buying a saw to make the right decision in no time. Never make your choices in a hurry because a single mistake may create several problems. Determine the type of task for which you require a saw and then choose the right option. Both saws look similar, but they are not. 

Read the details and features of these two and then take your steps forward. To get the quality cut, you should use the right saw. Never use one saw for other’s job because it may affect the quality of work that you are doing. In the below post, we are going to mention the main uses of the scroll saw and the band saw. 

Uses of the scroll saw – 

  • create jigsaw puzzles 
  • detailed cuts  
  • make letters as well as  numbers from wood 
  • suitable for all small projects

Uses of the band saw – 

  • shelves and tables 
  • planter boxes 
  • handle all big projects  

You should pay proper attention to these details for making the right decision to make purchases.  Instead of wasting your time to find the right saw to handle your projects. You should consider all the above-mentioned factors to pick the right type of saw to meet your requirements. Along with these factors, you should also give importance to your budget. According to the prices, the scroll saws are the cheaper ones. You also need to keep your budget in mind for making the final purchases. 

So, what’s the final verdict? 

It is not good to think that the band saws and the scroll saws are exactly the same. It is true that these two look same, but they are used to handle different tasks. The band saws are used to handle the big projects related to wood like making furniture. On the other hand, the scroll saws are mainly used for decorative projects. Keep all the essential details in mind and then decide the right type of saw as per your task. You can also buy both to deal with the different types of woodworking projects. 

7 Tips For Roasting Your Coffee Perfectly

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on a global scale which is why you will find that coffee roasters in Singapore are really popular and there is a huge global demand for such coffee roasters. However, there are different things that you should keep in your mind as you decide to roast coffee on your own. In this article, we are going to take a look at the 7 different things that will help you in roasting your coffee perfectly.

  1. The first step in this process is to learn all about green coffee beans and the process of tasting defective beans so that you get the very best coffee beans. Moreover, this knowledge is going to help you understand the difference between the taste and variety that is offered by different types of coffee beans.
  2. With the evolution of technology, you will find that it is really easy for beginners to get high-quality equipment as they start roasting coffee on their own. However, as a professional coffee roaster, you should always look for high quality coffee beans that you can use.
  3. In this step, we will learn about the difference in the roasting process and the different variations that are there when it comes to roasting. Basically, there are 4 types of roasting variations that are light roast, medium roast, medium-dark roast, and dark roast. As a professional coffee roaster, you should learn to identify the taste all these roastings offer and how can you execute the roasting perfectly.
    Lightly roasted beans are generally light brown and offer you a mild taste, medium roasted beans are darker than light roasted and are most popular in America. Medium dark roasted coffee beans offer a rich flavor along with an oily surface, and lastly, dark roasted coffee beans are bitter in taste and they also have an oily surface.
  4. You should always buy the freshest coffee possible as that will get you the rich flavor of coffee and green coffee beans are best if you get them from a supplier because of their long shelf life. Over time the flavor and taste of coffee beans are also affected.
  5. As you are roasting the coffee beans you will find that during the initial phase of roasting you will hear a cracking sound that will indicate you about the roasting process. Hearing more than one cracks indicated that you are roasting the beans for too long and you should stop.
    This is where it is really important that you learn about the right temperature that will get you the best flavor with the beans. Besides that, it is also recommended that you stir the beans during the roasting process to get the best results.
  6. Fast roasting is another quick way of roasting the beans but it is quite complex as well, as you can easily burn the bean during that. This is why it is recommended that start with easier roasting processes and slowly try out these complex and faster roasting processes.
  7. Lastly, it is really important that you get yourself familiarized with the roaster that you are using so that you can use it to its full potential. Moreover, if you are familiar with your roaster it will get easier for you to roast your coffee beans perfectly.

These are the most important things that you should keep in your mind as you start roasting your own coffee beans.

Five Novice Strategies: How to Win in Halo 3’s Online Multiplayer

If you’ve played an online multiplayer game online before as a newcomer, you know what to expect. You meet a few who may not know what they’re doing, a few people who know how to win, and a few who seem godlike in the multiplayer, compared to most. In the Xbox 360 first person shooter game Halo 3, it’s no different.

You’ll come across competition online who are formidable opponents, people who’ll make you think “What the [bleep] just happened to me?” and you’ll definitely meet players who make you think “How do they survive in this game? They’re terrible!” However, your journey to being a good online player is just beginning. Here are a few easy strategies to help you stay one step ahead of the competition and win in Halo 3’s online multiplayer modes.

The strategies listed out are what most beginners can try out as it has a nice insight into what Halo’s will unfold as the game progresses on, which would be similar to Pokemon go accounts for sale technique.

Play the single player campaign

Some people like to play the offline campaign, and others just like to jump into the online multiplayer modes. Regardless, the online multiplayer modes are the biggest draw for all Halo 3 players. If you’re hurting for skill however, it’s best to go into the offline campaign, and refine your skills there for a little bit. You can also learn about the mechanics and controls of the game, such as using grenades, and firing, acquiring and switching weapons before going online.

Being comfortable with the game’s various mechanics can save a lot of time getting to know the online multiplayer modes. It also gets you some bragging rights if you happen to clear the offline mode on various difficulties. Clearing the offline campaign is optional, however.

Jumping: It isn’t just for rabbits anymore

Jumping adds a new dimension to first person shooter games, especially online. In some games, it’s a way of showing off mobility in a humorous way. In others, it’s a way to abuse mobility issues. In Halo 3’s multiplayer however, it can mean the difference between getting a free point, and getting a rifle slammed into your noggin, losing a point that could’ve easily been kept.

Learn when to jump, and when jumping is a bad idea. Jumping is best for slowing an opponent’s tracking of your body(requiring more time to aim for them, and more time to shoot for you), but it can also be used to get the drop on opponents above you, or to avoid defeat in open areas, by jumping into holes or lower areas. Jumping isn’t a good idea in closed areas, or in the range of weapons such as turrets. People in the online multiplayer modes seem to love using turrets.

Pay attention to the radar and player/enemy icons

The radar in Halo 3’s online multiplayer can be very useful. It shows incoming players with yellow dots, and incoming enemies with red dots. The only flaw with this system is that players can get confused, as the radar doesn’t distinguish between players or enemies in the floors above and below you. However, you can prepare for incoming enemies by hiding in corners, or under ledges.

There are also icons on the screen to indicate players(bright arrows). Pay attention to the colors… yellow arrows mean players are attacking, and orange means players are being attacked, with red arrows along with a X mark means they’ve been defeated. Go to the aid of your fellow players based on the appropriate colors!

Also take note that the “radar jammer” item renders the radar useless(as it displays tons of red dots on the screen), so when push comes to shove, pay attention to the player icons on the screen.

Head-On collisions: Make sure they count

Many players in the online modes, especially low ranking players, like to fly towards an enemy opponent like a kamikaze pilot during World War 2, and at best, hope they don’t share the same fate they have in store for their opponent. If you happen to engage in this common and exciting, but incredibly risky multiplayer practice, make sure you’re well prepared to defeat your competition.

First thing’s first, use the melee attack. It does great damage and in many case can guarantee an easy victory if one quickly switches weapons after to shoot the opponent. The best distance to use this attack is when 50% of the opponent’s body can be seen on the screen. The worst distance is when the player can almost see through their heads. Try damaging opponents before they get close for the best outcome. This insures that once they do get close, you’ll be the victor.

Another tip is to make sure you have grenades handy, both long range and “sticky” ones such as the purdy plasma grenade. When you’re close enough to the enemy that you can smell ’em, launch a sticky right at them, making sure to aim for their lower regions, such as their feet and torso for best results. If you happen to lose the battle, the opponent will have an ironic surprise waiting for them. The long range grenades can be used for opponents who move constantly, or any opponents close to you, who may or may not have helped defeat you.

Use the buddy system in multiplayer: It works

Once you spawn onto the map, find a partner and stay with them. There’s great potential in scoring points online using this mindset of teaming up. Some people in Halo 3, including low ranking players(according to the trueskill system anyway) can get away with being a one-man team and win in multiplayer, but most can’t afford to.

If a player happens to come across an enemy(or in many cases, enemies), they can give their partner assistance in clearing out the other team. If they play your cards right, the entire team can be taken out, with just 2 people! If in the worst case scenario, the partner gets taken out, chances are the other player can take out the person that took them out and any others that may have helped, as they might’ve taken some damage as well.

Based on personal experience and the experiences of other players in the multiplayer, the most points lost in an online multiplayer game came from being outnumbered(usually losing players would be by themselves). Players should rarely, if ever, go against multiple opponents alone, unless they either have a powerful weapon, or have a lot of grenades and even then it’s usually a bad idea. Don’t be a Halo 3 statistic, find a partner to team up with!

You can also use your partner to distract the enemy, then when the enemy thinks the worst is over, come in and beat them into submission. There’s almost limitless potential in how you and your partner can defeat the competition. The best thing one can do for their team online is to get the whole gang together and kick some butt. Remember: there’s safety in numbers where Halo 3 is concerned!

And there you have it – 5 practical strategies any player in the online multiplayer modes can take to the bank. Now go and show those spartans who’s boss!

The Great Benefits Of Shopping At Five Below Stores

Dollar stores have been very popular destinations to buy everyday items and holiday gifts at a low price. In 2002, one new store changed the choices made by consumers when it comes to shopping for the holidays and any regular time of the year. The store was called Five Below. Since then, this value retail shop has expanded into over 50 locations on the east coast. Dollar stores may always be a great place for consumers to find inexpensive household items, crafts and holiday gifts. However, Five Below stores have set themselves apart in many ways to make them one of the best shopping destinations for young men and women.

Here are 5 great benefits for shopping at Five Below Stores:

Cheap prices at Five Below Stores

You can probably save more at dollar stores, but Five Below is also cheap. I have visited some Five Below locations a few times and found lots of inexpensive items on the shelf. Everything in the store is $5 or less, making this a great place to shop if you do not have lots of money to spend. Another great benefit of Five Below stores when it comes to price is that you can get more for what you pay. Much like dollar stores, Five Below locations carry lots of merchandise where you get two or three items for the price of one.

Quality Merchandise at Five Below Stores

One benefit that I noticed about Five Below stores that really sets them apart from traditional dollar and value stores is the merchandise. There are items you can buy that may be sold by Wal-Mart or other larger retailers at higher prices. You can get household items and essentials for college dorm rooms for less than you would pay for the same item elsewhere. I was very surprised to see that Five Below stores also carries popular entertainment like books, games and movies. I saw a few copies of The Wedding Crashers, CSI Games and Wheel of Fortune at one Five Below location.

These Five Below stores also carry fun electronics and accessories such as wireless headsets and cell phone cases. By visiting a Five Below store, it is easy to tell that the quality of their merchandise is on a higher level than retailers that sell merchandise for just $1. You can buy everything from food, cosmetics, household furniture and clothing at Five Below stores. Just about all of these items are popular brands, not the generic items you may find at dollar stores. This is an additional benefit of shopping at Five Below stores.

Fundraising Opportunities with Five Below Stores

I have not known of many large retailers who offer fundraising opportunities for almost any organization. You do not have to be the chairman of a large group with Tom Cruise at your spokesperson to be able to hold fundraising events with Five Below stores. This is a great depiction of one company helping the little guy. You can raise money for your school, sports team or other organization by teaming up with Five Below stores. They will give you a percentage of the sales from a chosen location. That is like one store working for you without your club having to spend a lot of money to produce a fundraiser on your own. This would require little effort which includes creating awareness for the shopping event and collecting your funds afterward.

Five Below Stores are Spacious

The Five Below stores that I visited were easy to navigate through. This is a very pleasant experience during the holiday shopping season. Five Below stores are well lit and may even have someone there to help you find items on your shopping list. You can also find almost everything you need in this store. You can find accessories, bags, slim minimalist wallet, clothes and so many more. You just have to ve very wise in choosing the things you need to buy.  That is not to say that dollar stores and other value stores are small. I have been to some large dollar stores as well. However, there are numerous locations of value stores that have too little space for shoppers to move around with ease. You either end up knocking merchandise over accidentally or waiting longer to get out of the store because other shoppers are moving slow. That can be a big hassle during the holidays which is why more spacious stores are the best places to shop.

The Trendy Benefit of Five Below Stores

The quality of merchandise at Five Below stores is not great only because of their durability. These products are also modern in style and in popular demand among consumers. Many of the products I found at Five Below stores were items that I saw on TV, in magazines or in more expensive stores. That makes this value retailer all the rage when it comes to the modern shopper. This aspect is also shown in the design and layout of Five Below stores. Everything from the store’s logo to its interior and exterior appearance is colorful and will easily grab your attention.

If you are looking for cheap merchandise but want the same quality of more costly products, Five Below is a great place to shop. You can easily get in and out of the store without feeling crammed with other shoppers. The staff may also be very helpful. However, this could depend on the location that you visit. I have yet to encounter any problems at Five Below stores. If you do not have a lot of money and still need to get a few holiday gifts, this store can help you save a significant amount of money.

How to Antique a Wooden Door or Cabinet

Applying an antique finish to a door or cabinet is a fun and easy way of giving a room a new look. Light antique finishes can give a room a genteel cottage chic or beach shack look for those who love delicate, muted colors. For dens, cabins, and woodsy hideaways, a darker finish will add a rustic flair.

Complete antique finish kits can be purchased from your local Home Depot or Lowe’s but can also be done using these do it yourself instructions. Before beginning any of these projects, the door and drawer slides will have to be removed and placed on a work table in a well-ventilated area, such as in a garage. Door dings and scratches also should be repaired before applying the finish, or can be left alone to add character.


Whitewashing is a vintage painting technique in which a thin paint was applied to bare wood. In the old days, whitewash was made of salt and lime. These days, the look of whitewash can be recreated by diluting white latex paint with water in a 4:1 ratio.

For whitewash to take, the door should be stripped of the existing paint and lightly sanded before applying the wash.

  1. Working one section of the door at a time, use a 3″ brush to apply the whitewash taking care to follow the grain of the wood. Work the paint into the knots and deep grains with the twist of the rag. Let the paint dry for a couple of minutes.
  1. Wipe away the excess paint, again following the direction of the wood grain.
  1. Repeat these steps on another section of the door, until the entire area has been whitewashed.
  1. Let the door dry for 24 hours before applying a clear sealant to the whitewashed areas.

Antique Glazing

Antiquing is a method of applying a dark glaze over a base coat of paint to simulate aging. While this technique was typically used on furniture, it also looks fantastic when applied to an old paneled painted door or cabinet front. For this project, you will need a can of antique glaze in a contrast color, lots of soft rags, and a clean brush.

  1. Wash the door thoroughly with a degreaser, then rinse and let dry. Wipe down with denatured alcohol and let dry for 24 hours.
  1. Once the door has dried, apply the antiquing glaze with a brush. Antique glazing can be a little tricky to work within that the color sets quickly, and the areas brushed first will retain more of the color than the areas brushed towards the end. For best results, glaze one panel of the door at a time starting with the carved pieces first, and the flat section last.
  1. Let the glaze dry until it loses its sheen, and then remove the glaze using soft rags. Start with the flat centerpieces of the door panel first, then work out towards the trim pieces, leaving highlights in the crevices of the trim.
  1. After the glaze has completely dried, the door can be top-coated with a clear sealant.

Crackle paint

Crackle paint is another fantastic technique in which a crackle product is used to create that cracked, weathered look of old wood. For this antiquing technique, you will need a brush, a can of semi-gloss paint for the base coat, contrast topcoat in a matte finish, and a can of Behr’s Crackle #755.

  1. Apply the base coat to the door, and let dry for 4 hours.
  1. Apply the crackle to the base coat. Keep in mind that the direction of the brush stroke will affect the direction of the crackle.
  1. Let the crackle dry for at least an hour, then paint over with the contrast top coat. A lighter topcoat application will result in smaller, more delicate crackles while a heavy application of paint will produce heavier cracks.
  1. Let the paint dry 24 hours before sealing with a clear coat.

Forgiving a fresh look to your home, these three techniques are easy DIY projects that can turn those old interior doors into one that has a bit more character.

5 Google Buzz Posts That Will Get You Fired From Your Job

Google Buzz automatically adds your entire Gmail network as followers on its social network and your boss is likely on there somewhere. Work and play are best kept separate and these five Google Buzz posts are sure to get you fired from your job.

When Calling Off Goes Wrong

Being a member of the Google Buzz social network will void all future attempts to call off from work. Your boss, managers, and coworkers were all probably on your Gmail list and now that you are on Google Buzz, they can see all posts you create on Google Buzz, including your location via your mobile phone’s GPS. Calling in sick from work won’t work when you’re caught making posts on Google Buzz all day. The family emergency excuse is void, party photo posts will get you fired, and blatantly stupid posts like “Calling in sick today” will guarantee that you’ll be caught and fired when calling off from your job.

Complaining about work

Venting about how your job sucks or complaining about that incompetent boss of yours will get you fired when using Google Buzz. Social networks seem like a great outlet for venting about the ol’ nine to five, but seeing how Google adds everyone to your network, this favorite pass time will surely get you fired once you are caught showing less than full gratitude for your job via Google Buzz.

Being Too Politically Incorrect

If you’re job makes you uphold a certain level of respect and decency at all times (no, not you with the McDonald’s job) there’s also a certain level of professionalism you must always show on Google Buzz, or risk being fired. Priests, Teachers, Officers, Politicians, Doctors and the likes can get fired from their job by simply expressing their opinions in posts, having deviant photos, or coming off too politically incorrect on Google Buzz. Social networks aren’t an open invitation to be as free a jerk as you want to be and making jerkish posts on Google Buzz can actually get you fired from your job.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Ways to Get Fired

It’s hard to believe that you could be fired from your job because of picture posts, but get caught posting the wrong picture on Google Buzz and you’ll likely be searching through the Wanted ads after those posts get you fired from your job. Photoshopping the boss, posting pictures of your wild party life, getting too sexy with the webcam, or posting photographic evidence of calling off from work to take a vacation can have you taking a permanent one (once you’re fired from the job). It’s easy to post idiotic pictures on a social network when you think no one is watching, but with Google Buzz, your entire network sees everything you post (including those not-so-proud-of picture posts).

Third Party Slip Ups

Your posts aren’t the only posts that can get you fired from your job on Google Buzz. With Google Buzz, everyone in your entire social network can see posts from everyone else in your social network, making it more likely that third party stupidity could get you fired from your current job. Posts like “Hey, did you call off from work so that we can go to the game,” “Are you still going to let me use your employee discount,” and “Your boss wasn’t as ugly as you described him in person” will get you fired just as easily as if you had wrote those posts yourself. It’s tough to keep a job nowadays and most employees are expendable, so having idiotic friends is a huge risk on social networks like Google Buzz, where your entire network can see all posts published on your profile page.

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How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting Everything!

My puppy, now six months, would bite and chew on everything. The new rug my husband and I bought with wedding money is now destroyed due to her little puppy teeth getting in between the weaving and causing it to unravel. She chewed, though sometimes if we aren’t looking still does chew, on shoes, sideboard, plastic bins and even sometimes her toys. I tried grabbing her mouth, making her submit to me, nothing would work. And after weeks of scolding, yelling, and grabbing, she still would not listen. That is until I discover the amazing uses of sound.

Now, yelling doesn’t work. Clapping your hands is somewhat successful but your dog might just look at you and go back to chewing. The only sure fire way, in my experience, to get a dog to stop chewing on your expensive things is pennies in a can. This idea/technique is not a new one, and many people have different variations of it, but it seems to me it is under used in the average home. Some people go as far to buy whistles and horns to snap the dog’s attention away from what they are chewing but this simple device can be made with out buying anything new. How often should you clean your dog’s face? The washing of the dog face can be done when it will be dirty. The dirt should not be left and it can be repeated twice a week.

First gather up some pennies, or nickels, or beans, or beads, anything small or metallic, about seven or eight, no more than ten, will do. Then, grab a soda can, tin can, or old vitamin container. Most people say to use a soda can or tin can, but even I find the metallic clinking of pennies against metal a little irritating. Think about what the dog has to hear! Plus, with a soda can, you might need to cut open the mouth a little in order to put the pennies in and, with a tin can, you’ll need a lot of tape to cover the hole at the top making the sound won’t be as effective. So, in my opinion, and old vitamin container, like One-A-Day Supplements, works best. You already have a lid and the sounds’ the pennies make when rubbing up against one another is still loud and shocking enough to get your pup’s attention without being to screeching.

So, you have the pennies and the container. Put the pennies into the vitamin canister then put the lid back on. Give it a shake to see if it sounds loud enough to you. But be careful! Make sure your dog is in another room, that way the sound is new and surprising. If it sounds loud enough, then its time to test it.

But you don’t just shake the thing at them and you definitely don’t throw it at them. There are some simple commands said concurrently with use of the penny can. When you see your pup chewing on something, lets say your favorite book (and yes, that has happened to me), go up to the dog slowly and try not to distract them from their chewing. Then when you get between two or three feet away shake the can fast and loud. DO NOT THROW IT NEAR OR AT THEM. Your dog will likely jump, scared of this new sound. However, right after you shake the can, you need to say something alone the lines of, “NO BITE,” or “NO BITING” in a strong, negative tone. (I find that the phrase “no chewing” has peculiar sounding syllables and is harder to say in a loud, quick manner.) Make sure you are scolding the dog for what its doing. Then, take the item the puppy was chewing on away from them. Some people like to give them one of THEIR toys, but I like to just take away my shoe, or book, and ignore them for a little while so they know they did something wrong. Now, if you repeat this act every time you see your dog chewing on something, they will eventually stop doing it. Plus, the phrase “no bite” is ingrained in their little mind as a command when they are doing something wrong. The combination of the sound of the pennies and your voice causes the dog to remember that “no bite” means stop chewing or biting whatever is in their mouth.

Today, our little Juno drops whatever she has in her mouth when she hears the words “no bite.” Sometimes we have to pull out the ol’ One-A-Day penny jar when she gets in a really rambunctious mood and decides to go on a rampage of terror, but that doesn’t happen very often. I hope this little tid-bit of information will help you and your puppy get past the mouthing stage and move onto adulthood with more intact shoes.